Cyanide, EPA methods, Nutrient analysis, and laboratory testing

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This website provides information on cyanide analysis, GCMS analysisnutrient analysis, laboratory testing and EPA regulations. Methods of analysis are given along with explanations and pitfalls of the methods. Suggestions for modification of methods allowed for EPA compliance are given.


Cyanide analysis is covered in detail. This is because many of the methods used for cyanide analysis are not very accurate. We describe technology based on gas-diffusion amperometry that eliminates many of the interferences encountered with cyanide analysis. The new methods are all EPA approved and not only get better results but will get you those results faster. Truly with these new cyanide methods you can analyze more samples in less time and make more money in the process. If you have a need to analyze total, available, or free cyanide in water or solid samples you have come to the right place for information. The information provided will help you understand many of the problems with cyanide testing. These problems begin at the time of sampling, and continue during storage. The sampling and storage interferences can increase or decrease the original cyanide concentration. We also discuss the analytical steps and show that distillation methods generate either false positives or false negatives and demonstrate that yoy cannot trust results obtained by cyanide distillations. We hope that after reading the information provided that you will be convinced and desire to obtain real results by using a gas diffusion amperometric method.


We also provide information on wet chemistry analysis using automated chemistry analyzers such as segmented flow, and flow injection. Methods and interference information is provided. This discussion is not complete without some historical information on the nature of wet chemistry analysis.


There is a discussion on GCMS and why it is a valuable tool for the environmental laboratory. 


Finally, there is some detailed information on wet chemical analysis available as an e-book that consists of materials taught in my "Wet Chemistry Analysis" course. This e-book is available for your Kindle reading device. 

Process Control in the Cyanide Extraction of Gold
A Movie on Cyanide Analysis in Mining using an on-line cyanide analyzer
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